Should You Take E3 Seriously?


With the cool s**t comes the bulls**t. There’s been an ugly trend of games being presented to us at E3 and them ending up being nothing like what was showcased. So, is E3 worth watching anymore?

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Back then, E3 was a thing before the internet rise when all the good gaming news comes from the video gaming magazines but now today’s standards, everything pretty much get’s leaks nowadays, most publishers just now do there own thing by not going to E3 or show off there main games. It seems like the past few years (and maybe earlier than that) games publishers show off Demos and Trailers that don’t seem to represent the products they show off, or their games end up being broken. I mean take a look at 2014/2015 of all the games that failed to live up to their E3 presentations. Watch Dogs(Downgrade), Dark Souls II (Downgrade), Destiny(Cut Content), Assassins Creed: Unity(Broken), Halo: MCC(Broken Multiplayer), The Order: 1886(Lacks Content) etc. So I guess that begs the question, is E3 still worth it to you gamers? Also PC gaming last year was good but lackluster at showing anything and that needs to be corrected this year.

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In short, it makes sense if the big 3, Sony/MS/Nintendo just do there own digital show on there own terms and not wasting time with E3. No matter how many video games are announced finding out what is the perfect video game is a question that will never be answered.