Best Gaming Hard Drive in 2017

It is well known in the gaming community that for PC’s, hard drives are one of the most important parts. A hard drive can store a lot of information, and we all know that high graphic and modern games usually take up a lot of memory space and need the proper hard drive to be paired with it to function at high performance. A hard drive‚Äôs performance depends on its size, drive interface, and its speed on altering the magnetic components in its hard drive to turn into digital data. Another object similar to a hard drive is the SSD or Solid State Drive, which is a technological advancement of the latter. It offers higher levels of data transmission and storage. However, Solid State Drives are a lot more expensive as compared to hard drives. In the end, hard drives are excellent options for storage and are much more budget-friendly. Choosing the best hard drive for gaming is important for you to acquire the fastest and the best quality gaming experience.

Top 3 Hard Drives For Gaming

Western Digital Blue 1TB

If you are looking for the top quality yet budget-friendly hard drive, then WD Blue 1TB is the perfect pick for you. When it comes to best reliability, quality, and storage capacity at a bargain price, the WD Blue 1TB hard drive has proven itself for years. Over the last few years, not much has changed about this hard drive. The best quality available on the market that is at the most balanced and reasonable cost among all the hard drives is the WD Blue 1TB. It hits the 1TB mark which is a size that is good enough for an avid gamer and can store his gaming data together with other files. It is capable of high-speed data transmission through its revolution speed at the standard 7200RPM model and is not available in the slower 5400RPM version. This hard drive is really as simple as it gets. With 1 terabyte and a large cache of 64MB, it can deliver fast, reliable storage by utilizing SATA 3 6 GB/s interface along with a 7200 RPM internal drive.

Seagate 3TB BarraCuda

This hard drive boasts its massive storage. Equipped with all the specs as the former drive, it has the same capabilities of 7200 RPM and 64 MB cache. However, the creators of this hard drive have equipped this piece of hardware with a massive data storing capability. This gives a hardcore gamer the freedom to save all important data of games, movies, anime and other data using applications. It also comes with a 2-year warranty, but most likely will perform well through the long years beyond the two-year warranty period. High-speed data transmission, massive reliable storage, and technological time endurance, these sum up pretty much everything with a lower price too.

WD Black 2TB

If you are not that too keen on spending a great amount of money for that extra terabyte of storage space, then the WD Caviar Black is an exceptional choice. It is a professional-grade hard drive to use in your gaming rig as it is tested and approved in the levels of its speed, durability, and longevity. It also comes with a 5-year warranty from the company. This hard drive is equipped with the technologies to prove its durability and endurance as hardware. It is equipped with safety technologies such as corruption protection, vibration protection, and NoTouch ramp loading technology that minimizes the contact of interacting parts to have a longer life and better performing hard drive.