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Mark Arsenault, President, Developer
Mark Arsenault

Margaret Arsenault, President, developer, and author
Margaret Arsenault
Vice President

Robert Miller, developer
Robert Miller

Tony Bryant, Sengoku Line Editor
Tony Bryant
Sengoku Line Editor

About Gold Rush Games

Who We Are

Gold Rush Games is a small game publisher. Gold Rush Games originally started as an off-shoot of a company called M.T.A. Graphics. We have been around since 1992, with our first product being The Gamer's Connection, a gaming industry newsletter-cum-newspaper.

A Brief History of Gold Rush Games

In 1994 we received a license from R. Talsorian Games to produce the first-ever licensed role-playing game soundtrack! Cyberpunk: Night City Trax was released in November of 1994. In the fall of 1995 we negotiated a license with Paul Hume and Robert Charrette, the creators of Bushido, to publish a revised, 3rd edition of this popular classic. Plans for B3E fell through and we began development of a brand new samurai-genre RPG called Sengoku.

A short time later we received a license from Stan Sakai to publish the 1998 Origins Award-nominated Usagi Yojimbo Roleplaying Game, based on Stan Sakai's popular comic book. In the winter of 1995 we obtained a license from Hero Games to publish adventures for use with the Hero System, which was shortly expanded to allow us to publish sourcebooks and campaign books, as well.

1998 saw the release of San Angelo: City of Heroes, a new campaign city book for Champions 4th Edition. San Angelo: City of Heroes was nominated for the 1998 Origins Award for Best Roleplaying Supplement. In 1999, we released Sengoku: Chanbara Roleplaying in Feudal Japan to industry accolades and stellar reviews.

In late 2000 we signed a licensing agreement with Zorro Productions, Inc. to publish a line of official Zorro adventure games, beginning in 2001. The first product, The Legacy of Zorro, was released in July, 2001.

Into the Future

We are growing, and plan to make our presence known in the role-playing industry by producing high quality products. We'd love to have you aboard. It's going to be a fun trip!

Gold Rush Games is committed to producing quality entertainment products. Our first product, Night City Trax, surprised a lot of people. That's the way we like it. The products we produce need to be at least as good as those already on the market, from the trade dress (i.e., packaging and overall appearance) to the product's content (i.e., writing and art).

Gold Rush Games
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