The Dragon's Gate
San Angelo's Chinatown
Trade Paperback
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Evan Jamieson, Richard Meyer, Adam Gratun, Mark Arsenault, Steve Kenson, Aaron Sullilvan.
Spike Y Jones
Cover Art
Veronica Jones
Interior Art
Morgan Bonthoux, Mark Evans, et al.

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The Dragon's Gate
San Angelo's Chinatown

The Dragon's Gate: San Angelo's Chinatown cover - Click here to read reviews of this book Delve into the mysterious world of San Angelo's Chinatown neighborhood.

The Dragon's Gate features a detailed description of the neighborhood, numerous businesses and personalities, both beneficial and dark.

Includes numerous NPCs, a map of Chinatown, adventure seeds, and an in-depth timeline of San Angelo's Chinatown!

Plus, the book contains character write-ups for some of the most popular superhero RPG systems around! Includes stats for HERO System, M&M Superlink and Action! System!

Dragon's Gate Promo Flyer

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Chinatown Map Preview

Chinatown map Click on the map image to download a higher resolution version of hte map (without the over-printed title)!

There is no key for the map but you can find it in the book.

There are nearly 100 locations marked on the map, with each one described in the book! The map key features a page reference for each location for easy look-up, and you'll find location numbers in the text description for the location in the book. It will be easy to find the map location or book description for any place in Chinatown!

Sample Art

Here are some samples of the fantastic illustrations you will find in The Dragon's Gate, including work from from comic book artists Morgan Bonthoux and Mark Evans.



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Read what others are saying about The Dragon's Gate: San Angelo's Chinatown...

5 of 5 Stars! "Highly detailed, with a bevy of well-realized NPCs and groups. Highly recommend."
Judas Zeh (RPGNow customer)

5 out of 5! "WOW! far one of the best settings I have ever seen. Rich detail, interesting characters... worth every penny!"
Lee Perry (RPGNow customer)

4 out of 5! "...when they say 'details' they mean details"
Chris Johnson (RPGNow customer)

5 out of 5, Superb! "the depth and level of detail provided on the setting itself is outstanding."

"The amount of information in this book is staggering. I don't know how they put that much stuff on 128 pages and kept it easy to read and visually interesting."

"...what system couldn't use a Big Trouble in Little China session or two?"

"...the number of ideas and bits that could be adapted by a GM to his personal campaign is enormous..."
Hero Games Forum

4 out of 5! " does what it claims to do - presents a living, breathing cityscape that can be incorporated into almost any existing city campaign. There is a lot of gold buried between the covers..."

5 out of 5! "I would recommend this source book for anyone wanting to run games in Chinatown, even if they do not play Hero 5th Edition or other Superhero games."

"Dragon's Gate is a perfect sourcebook for fast action, John Woo style games. Dragon's Gate manages to retain the charm and versatility of the original sourcebook."
Theala Sildorian

The Dragon's Gate Contains stats for these systems!

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