Wild West Action!

GRG 1202
Trade Paperback
(also avail in ebook format)
Sugg Retail Price
Mark Arsenault, Rob Stone, Ann Dupuis, et al.
Robert Miller

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Gunslingers: Wild West Action! is a trademark owned by Gold Rush Games.

Gunslingers: Wild West Action!

Gunslingers: Wild West Action! cover - Click here to read reviews of this book

Gunslingers: Wild West Action! is a 168-page Action! System genre and campaign sourcebook detailing the American Old West.

The book includes:

  • New rules for showdowns and shootouts!
  • 14 character templates!
  • New Advantages and Disadvantages!
  • Nearly 200 new weapons!
  • A bestiary with more than two dozen animals!
  • A Dodge City sourcebook!
  • and much, much more!

Download the free Gunslingers preview PDF - try before you buy!

Read what others are saying about Gunslingers: Wild West Action!...

4 out of 5! "Finally a supplement worthy of the name of the Wild West. Whether you use the Acton! System or not, you'll find a great amount of enthralling detail... And the best thing is, it won't cost you a handful of dollars... or Euros." (transl.)
Backstab Magazine #48

"Action! Rides Again. ...useful for any Western RPG. [It] provides a fairly comprehensive set of character templates, equipment, rules modifications (shootouts, for example), and critters for a "straight Western" game."
Ken Hite, Out of the Box (5/27/04)

5 of 5 Stars! "Outstanding research and excellent writing make this new Action! product stand out. The authors have really brought the Old West to life with this one."
Michael Scott (RPGNow customer)

5 of 5 Stars! "Extraordinarily well-researched and comprehensive... Any game set in the Wild West, regardless of system or addition of extra elements, would benefit from this book."
Judas Zeh (RPGNow customer)

Final Grade: A! "Gunslingers packs a whole passel of stuff in a small wrapper and should appeal to both fans of western genre movies, novels and shows to fans of the old TSR Boot Hill game."
D20 magazine Rack

4 of 5 Stars! "Very easy to play; good artwork..."
Massimiliano Trezzani Bellu, RPGNow customer

Final Grade: A! "Gunslingers did something I hadn't expected. It got me excited about playing a western. Gunslingers is truly one of the best product I have seen from not only Gold Rush Games, but from the industry in general."
D20 magazine Rack

"Gunslingers [will] do for the Old West what Sengoku did for Fuedal Japan...define it in RPG terms. ...the game is fantasticly detailed but eminently playable."
Rich Spainhour, Playtester

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