GRG Products Back in the Pipeline!

Products previously marked "Temporarily Out of Stock" now available for shipping again!

Gold Rush Games announced that after a brief hiatus the following products are back in stock and available for immediate shipping to distributors, retailers and consumers:

Sengoku: Revised Edition (Paperback)
GRG1001B, 1-890305-50-2, $29.95

Sengoku: Revised Edition (Hardcover)
GRG1005, 1-890305-41-3, $39.95

Sengoku Character Sheets
GRG1008, 1-890305-58-8, $14.95

Gunslingers: Wild West Action!
GRG1202, 1-890305-52-9, $24.95

San Angelo: City of Heroes 1.5 (M&M Superlink, Action!)
GRG3201, 1-890305-04-9, $27.95

Action! System Core Rule Book
GRG4001, 1-890305-38-3, $14.95

The Dragon’s Gate: San Angelo’s Chinatown (HERO, M&M, Action!)
GRGH304, 1-890305-21-9, $24.95


We want to move some backstock items so we’re giving you a special discount on select titles for a limited time! We encourage you to pass along the savings to your retail customers!

You can use the standard product codes­discounts will automatically be applied to the invoice.

These price adjustments are for a limited time so order today!

San Angelo: City of Heroes (HERO/Champions)
GRGH300, 1-890305-03-0
(Was $25.00) Reduced: $14.95

The Village of Briarton (d20)
GRG2301, 1-890305-49-9
(Was: $14.95) Reduced: $9.95


For more product information, previews and to purchase our products, visit the Gold Rush Games web site. And while you're there, be sure to visit the official GRG message board!

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