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Why Are There So Few Male Protagonist?


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We received this very interesting question from one of our subscribers! So let’s take a look back. In the case of Darksiders II, anyone who has played the first two were expecting Fury to star in a Darksiders game at some point; apparently she was even literally shown in the very first game itself. Don’t know why you would expect any different.

As for the general trend itself, We’re not complaining. There are still plenty of games with male protagonists, and we’re not bothered about it so much as to go counting exactly how many. Like I said before if you really want to dig back and really research i’m sure you’ll find what you’re looking for.  I always a choose female protagonist when I have the choice anyway, due to aesthetic and personal tradition reasons. Yet I play and enjoy plenty of games with male protagonists, and have never complained when I didn’t the option to do otherwise.

Ultimately, We don’t give a hoot what’s between the legs of the clump of polygons and textures standing on the screen in front of me. They’re just games in the end 🙂

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