San Angelo
City of Heroes
Trade Paperback
Sugg Retail Price
Patrick Sweeney
Mark Arsenault
Cover Art
Storn Cook
Interior Art
Steve Bryant, Storn Cook, Albert Deschesne, Louis Frank, Gary Mitchell, Bryce Nakagawa, and Greg Smith.

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San Angelo: City of Heroes, Enemies of San Angelo and Denizens of San Angelo are trademarks of Gold Rush Games. Hero System and Champions are trademarks of DOJ, Inc., d/b/a Hero Games. Used under license. San Angelo: City of Heroes copyright ę 1998-2000 Gold Rush Games. All rights reserved.

San Angelo: City of Heroes

San Angelo: City of Heroes cover - Click here to read reviews of this book San Angelo: City of Heroes is a Champions/Hero System sourcebook that details the fictional city of San Angelo.

It includes all of the details a GM could ask for, including maps, NPCs, history and timeline (covering more than 100 years), and more!

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Read what others are saying about San Angelo: City of Heroes...

"I keep getting requests for an Astro City RPG; we're not planning to do one - but I think any Astro City fans who want such a game should at least try out San Angelo. It's an intricate, involving, well-realized gaming wrld, and the emphasis on the reality of the surroundings and the humanity of the characters may make it just what they're looking for."
Kurt Busiek, creator of Astro City

"San Angelo isn't just a pretty city map and a bit of history. It is a fully realized hometown..."

" of the best RPG cities in print. Every facet of the city gets a look from its historical pulp era (whee!) to its high-tech aerospace industry. name it, it's in here."
Ken Hite, Out of the Box, Sept. 4, 1998

"As a supplement to Champions however, it's a shining gem, and any fan of the game should check it out."

"...well-organized and laid out, with plenty of acceptable art, amps, and etc. Grade: A."
Comic Life

"There is so much information here, maybe too much. Too much to use, too much to ignore, it is 'someone else's campaign' and a large well planned out one at that."

"Gamemasters and players owe it to themselves to pick up this book and experience the City of Heroes for themselves."
Pyramid Online

"If you have even the slightest interest in superhero roleplaying, buy this book."

"...the very model of the superheroic city book."
Ken Hite

"Best Game Supplement [at GenCon '98]: San Angelo: City of Heroes by Gold Rush."
Paul Lidberg, Crunchy Frog Enterprises/Team Frog

"San Angelo takes the standard set by Steve Long's Hudson City in Justice, Not Law, and improves upon it. It's a well written, well thought out universe."
Theala Sildorian

"This is the best-organized RPG supplement I have ever read."
Geoff Depew

"It far surpassed my expectations. It is quite possibly the best campaign setting I've ever read - for any system."
Curtis A. Gibson

"If you play Champions and you don't have this book, run out and buy it...your Champions library is poorer for its absence. It' of the top five books ever published for Champions."
Derek Heimforth

"It is extremely well written, very thorough, and true to the 4-color campaign."
Gary Watkins

" was the detail and care that you brought to the city, and the NPCs. I really wanted to read about these folks in a comic book! I was blown away."
Randal Wright

"What sets San Angelo above the other settings books out there is that it is chock full of normal people, places and things. The San Angelo series is definitely a must have for any superhero game."

"San Angelo, from GRG, has the only city sourcebook that actually feels like a city that has actually had to live with super-powered people and events. The flavor text alone is priceless!"
Carl L. Congdon

"San Angelo is the best city description out there. If you could visualize a cross between the political intrigue of Ultraverse and the detailed history of Astro City, you have a sense of the underlying San Angelo flavor."
Richard Wells

"The San Angelo series is definitely a must have for any superhero game."

Best RPG Supplement Nominee
Origins Awards, 1998

The Dragon's Gate: San Angelo's Chinatown

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